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Congratulations to Jack Stewart. Here is the catalog listing.



> Art and Ontology in Five British Writers
> This study of color, space, and creativity focuses on texts
> by Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, Joyce Cary, Lawrence
> Durrell, and A. S. Byatt. The author examines Woolf’s structural
> use of color in To the Lighthouse and Lawrence’s colorful
> visualizing of place in Sea and Sardinia and the Letters.
> Lawrence interprets the creative process in Apocalypse, tracing
> spiral rhythms that culminate in vision, while Cary, in
> The Horse’s Mouth, dramatizes an artist’s vision of ‘‘the
> world of colour.’’ Durrell expands the power of color through
> metaphor in his islandscapes and in The Alexandria Quartet
> distills the city’s ethos in a ‘‘cyclorama’’ that fuses sensations
> and memories. The final four chapters focus on Byatt’s novels,
> starting with the creative-critical dialectic of The Shadows
> of the Sun and hyper-intense perception in The Virgin in
> the Garden. Painting comes to full bloom in Still Life, where
> Van Gogh’s study of a breakfast table inspires a surrogate
> writer to compare words and paint. In The Matisse Stories
> Byatt improvises on the artist’s color combinations and compositional
> philosophy. Highlighting interactions of color,
> space, and creativity that take on ontological dimensions.
> Stewart’s study will lead to ongoing reflections on the roles of
> color and space in modernist texts. Jack Stewart is Professor
> Emeritus at the University of British Columbia.

> DECEMBER 2008 ISBN 978-0-8386-4156-1

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