[ilds] Comparisons are odious?

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Well, this is a big call. 

But it's for the prose depictions of the Mediterranean landscapes, done in glorious and unforgetable language, that we read South Wind. The passages conveying the timelessness of the great grotto are simply magisterial. If you think Durrell captures the Mediterranean better than any other English writer you have not read Douglas. Do not lump Douglas, because of his subject matter in this book, with Firbank: South Wind is emphatically better than the verbal high-jinks of Firbank, whose over-indulgent books never convincingly connect with reality. Douglas, by contrast, can write as telling and visually acute a piece of descriptive prose as Mark Twain. 
A dated book for most, an unforgettable book for the connoisseur. If you appreciate the prose of South Wind there are several other equally well-written examples of his work in the travel books, especially Siren Land, Fountains in the Sand, and Old Calabria. 



PS: if this bloke can match Durrell, then I quess I've got a new writer on the reading list.

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