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Cheers. I have ontained a list of Douglas's works and marked your 

 I found this comment on Douglas:

...it has been argued that his best work was in his travel books which 
combine erudition, insight, whimsicality and some fine prose.

Sounds remarkably like LD's travel works. I look forward to making a 


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> It is most rainy and cold up here on the Ridge, David.  Another chance
> to sit down with sufficient lamp, good books and the beverage of one's
> choice.
> This morning I cannot manage the analysis of Durrell style to which Bill
> has set us dreaming.  Meanwhile, I will make a recommendation--or
> perhaps repeat an earlier recommendation--for you to pick up a copy of
> Douglas's _Late Harvest_ (1946).  In those pages you will find Douglas
> turning back through and commenting upon his earlier works, one by one,
> chronologically.
> Also, one should never overlook an "Index" in any book by Douglas.
> Those listings always carry with them "consequential data."
> C&c.
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