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Thank you the samples of Norman Douglas's prose. You have whetted my appetite for more. Indeed I have submitted South Wind to the Christmas wish list. 

My perception is that Douglas's life, as well as his prose, may have been a model for Durrell.Douglas worked for a while in the diplomatic corps, was something of an eccentric and of fairly loose morals. He clearly loved a wine or six and fell in love with the Mediterranean, where he spent much of his life. 

Douglas appears to be more patrician in dress, manner and prose than Larry who had a healthy love of the rustic, wore flannelette shirts and enjoyed outdoor shitters and simple fuel stoves - as well as making his own stone walls and reeking of garlick.

The Durrell- Miller letters....mmmm... I feel Larry come out out of them rather better than Miller. Miller strikes me as essentially vane and in the end rather lazy. Durrell burrowed into life and work rather like a thirsty miner. I think I would have liked him and I am envious of those of you who knew him.

Last night I went to see Sheryl Crow and John Mellencamp at a big concert at Homebush Stadium. Well, the beer was expensive, the music too loud, the singers could not be heard well - I dont blame them, they worked hard but someone had the bass cranked up too far - but the forgiving and somewhat inebriated Australian audience enjoyed themselves anyway and everyone went home in the train chatting happily or singing songs.

Sheryl and John seemed very keen to talk about American politics. I dont think they voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

They seemed almost apologetic to we humble allies for the recent US executive branch.


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