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thanks for getting the list going again. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you guys over there in the Northern Hemisphere. I am ploughing through the Durrell - Miller letters and can comment that there is an interesting shift in the relationship after Durrell becomes famous and Miller is becoming old.

I have also been checking out Norman Douglas. Durrell seems to have owed a lot to him through style, imitation and format. This is not a criticism; writers have mentors. Writers read. Norman Douglas's influences and style have quite a correlation. Interested in more on the Douglas/Durrell relationship.

Here in Sydney we have had plenty of the south wind but in this part of the world it is not the warm variety. The promise of an early summer has gone. 

David Green

PS: true story - I teach a girl in year 8 who has read all of Gerald Durrell's book and several of Larry's. This is truly wonderful

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