[ilds] new article

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 13:25:25 PDT 2008

Hey Bruce,

> Suggestion.  Peter Porter calls "Loeb's Horace" 
> Durrell's finest poem, and I go along with that.
> My reading of the poem, however, differs 
> radically with Peter Porter's, as well as with 
> James Gifford's.  Gifford and I have previously 
> stated our positions on the ILDS list, so there's 
> no need to rehash all that.  I also note that 
> Michael Haag has his own distinctive 
> interpretation of the poem, which Michael, if so 
> inclined, can deliver on his own.  So, four people 
> with four different views on a great artifact.  
> I suggest these be formalized in some way, 
> possibly in an issue of Deus Loci.  I do not think 
> the ILDS List a suitable forum, and Arion does not 
> engage in such exchanges.

A splendid idea, and I suspect a very productive one too!  The question 
is whom else we should involve.  Is anyone else keen?  The venue may 
also be an issue, and I suspect /Deus Loci/ might not fit due to the 
peer-review element, which could potentially refuse one or more of the 
contributions.  Suggestions?  Maybe Anna will have more to say about 
that on or off the list.

Structure may also play a role.  I've seen, largely in scientific 
fields, a primary article with rebuttals and responses from subsequent 
articles in the same issue.  I'm not sure what would work best here though.


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