[ilds] Dark globes

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 14:52:31 PDT 2008

Hello Mark,

What an illuminating (ahem) notion.  I like it, and the timing is quite 
good as well, since there is much Gnostic material in /Justine/, which 
is a close contemporary.

I wonder though, how would this image reframe the potential 
interpretations of "torture" and "vehemence," etc.?  Are we serving the 
demiurge by engaging in such passions, or are we becoming the demiurge 
in art when we (really, he) put them on paper.  I'm thinking of the 
ending of Durrell's "Oil for the Saint," in which he makes the 
artist/demiurge connection explicit, again during a nighttime scene near 

I suppose we'd have to ask why the moon is there too, yet the stars are 
not.  Do you prefer to read the globes as spheres, their darkness 
blotting out the higher archons and such?  I could see such a reading 
becoming expansive...

Thanks for this.


Mark Valentine wrote:
> Lemons aren't globes either, are they ?
> My interpretation would be that the fall of moon-shadow carves the lemons 
> into the appearance of dark globes. It's both a poetic, literal description 
> of what they look like, and a hint at the Gnostic belief that we live in a 
> workd endarkened, hidden from the higher light.
> Mark

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