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I don't know how or why Mr. Apt had my address, but I answered his question--Larry and Claude lived near Donhead St. Andrew in Dorset in 1956-7. I had no idea that was T.E. Lawrence country though, so next time I'm across the pond, I'm headed to Dorset. Hope all are well--though we live in N. Louisiana, we got hit hard by Gustav--I tried to check in with Don K, but haven't heard back from him. This storm pounded the whole state--we were w/o power for 28 hours, but some folks in Alexandria (Louisiana, not Egypt!) are still without electricity! And now Ike is on its way...but maybe it's heading farther west this time--sorry, Texas, but we've had enough!

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Hello all,
I'm forwarding this question, which I assume someone here can answer 
quite quickly -- alas, by copies of the books are out reach at the moment...

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I am getting ready to visit my girlfriend's family, who live in Hampshire Co., England.  We will be visiting Dorset to see TE Lawrence's cottage and gravesite.  Can you tell me where Durrell lived in Dorset when we was writing BITTER LEMONS?





Austin, Texas


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