[ilds] who's Ophelia?

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I suppose Eve is Ophelia. I leave the details to you -- lest I step 
on more feet. All men are my brothers, of course. But we Parthians 
just can't resist.

I was listening the other night to the abridged audio Justine, and 
following along in the Cardinal Edition which lies quietly on my 
kitchen table -- and I note that the audio added a "Justine" where 
the Cardinal had none. (Some abridgement.) After a gin and tonic or 
two, I did not have the motivation to check in all the editions I 
have, but it seemed to me that the "Justine" was added incorrectly. 
Our narrator was talking about Melissa. So I thought.

And, young Chuck, I have not received any of the Folio copies. I did 
indeed order one copy, and I may (after three gin and tonics, or is 
it three gins and tonics?) have ordered three more.

Let's hear it for the Hinman collator!!! Hurrah! Now we can look at 
these supposedly identical printings and see the (can I say?) 
variants. Between or among the early printings of Shakespeare's 
Troilus and Cressida, there are as many as 2500 variants, though some 
scholars only acknowledge 400 or so. How many would you acknowledge 
in, say, Justine?

In Shakespeare, the variants are sometimes/often seen as signs of 
revision -- not poor typesettimg. Ahum.

And finally, briefly, what's the difference between "variant" as I 
use it, and "variant" as Charlie does?


At 11:51 AM 9/7/2008, you wrote:
>Does anyone yet know the origins of the Folio edition?  Which version of
>/Justine/ did they use?  The insertion of photographic materials
>suggests they may have done their own, but that seems unlikely for the
>cheaper end of their production -- my hunch is that they used whatever
>set of plates was most readily available, which would likely be the
>recent Faber paperback of /Justine/ as she appeared in the omnibus
>edition of the /Quartet/.
>Alas, that would mean your ambiguities were foreclosed...
>Personally, I'm hoping for yet another variant.  I realized in class on
>Thursday that my course anthology had made some judicious changes to
>Joyce's "Araby" to make his word choice easier for students -- I
>corrected it back to greater complexity, despite the roars of protest.
>I wonder if something akin may have happened with the Folio Durrell?
>Oh, and for anyone interested, I'm sure Old D would have been glad to
>see himself in Folio.  It's money in the bank, and much like Porter, he
>wrote an Introduction to the Folio edition of D.H. Lawrence's /Etruscan
>Places/ back in 1972.
>ps: as for your shot arrow, are we to believe Richard's your brother?
>You do get around...  But more seriously, who's Ophelia?
>william godshalk wrote:
> >
> > Yes, but, still and at the same time, what about the status of
> > Durrell's text of Justine? I know that you know more about this than
> > most people. And I remember being delighted by your talk on the
> > subject in Louisville.
> >
> > If you can get us talking about the textual variants in Justine, I
> > shall stop doing what I have been doing. I shall recant all
> > vulgarity. I shall say that I shot my arrow over the house and hit my
> > brother. I shall desist.
> >
> > tdp
> >
> >
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> > At 05:05 PM 9/6/2008, you wrote:
> >> So let us just turn back to discussing Durrell's status, the prime
> >> concern for all of us.
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