[ilds] the variants in the work of Justine?

csligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Sun Sep 7 09:22:49 PDT 2008

James Gifford wrote:

>  my hunch is that they used whatever 
> set of plates was most readily available, which would likely be the 
> recent Faber paperback of /Justine/ as she appeared in the omnibus 
> edition of the /Quartet/.
The bibliographic description posted by the Folio Society tells us that 
this edition reprints Durrell's 1962 preface for the omnibus /Quartet/.  
That makes matters interesting because the Folio Society is not issuing 
the four volumes collected as one volume. 

So my questions for anyone receiving the new Folio /Justine/:  What of 
the typography?  What of the presentation?  Does this /Justine/ preserve 
the section breaks between the episodes between the "Parts"? 

Strictly speaking, even if this Folio printing followed any specific 
early printing--even if it did not introduce "variants" in the sense of 
which Bill writes--it would still be a unique variant edition of its 
own.  For the historian and the archaeologist, no two books are 
identical in physical data, even if printed simultaneously.  That is 
sound bibliographically, and I understood it via Durrell's relativism 
before I understood it through bibliography.  One step to the east or 
the west &c. . . . .

Enjoy these new editions--

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