[ilds] what Lawrence Durrell achieved in his classic The Alexandria Quartet

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I am pleased to read the following piece on Theroux discussing Durrell. 
A number of years ago, I created a reading list that included Durrell, 
Chatwin, Theroux, Bowles, Hunter Thompson, &c. With all apologies to 
Douglas, Byron, Fermor, &c., for my purposes, Durrell seemed a natural 
fount for the tradition.

Perhaps we are witnessing a sort of quickening of things Durrellian. 
Perhaps we are nearing something unexpected. Hold on for more.

 From Chattanooga, under the White Oaks at Nye Farm, with libations to 
all the Old Ones and Old Friends still able to read.

/Kali nichta/, and full cups for-ever and for-all.



 From The Times

September 5, 2008
Interview with Paul Theroux, author of Ghost Train to the Easter Star: 
On the Tracks of The Great Railway Bazaar

> What Theroux does in his latest book by revisiting his previous 
> destinations after 33 years is to add the fourth dimension: Time.
> In its modest way, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star assays what 
> Lawrence Durrell achieved in his classic The Alexandria Quartet - a 
> tetralogy that Theroux adores. Inspired by Einstein's theory of 
> relativity, Durrell's four books approach the same events from 
> different standpoints, with the final volume looking back from the 
> vantage point of time. Ghost Train attempts the same feat.


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