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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Fri Sep 5 15:39:54 PDT 2008

Is your offer to access JSTOR still viable.

I have a number of articles I would like to read.

Yours sincerely
Marc Piel,
Paris, France.

Pamela Francis a écrit :
> Marc--I have access to JSTOR and Project Muse and basically everything else. 
>   If the articles you need are full text, I can email them to you.  And for 
> that matter, if they're not full text, I can find them, copy them, and mail 
> them to you.  Oh!  I see you live in France.  Well, let me know what you 
> need and I will do my best to get it for you.  I'm known here on the 
> Humanities side of campus as the Knowledge Wrangler, so give me something to 
> wrangle, and it shall be wrangled...glad to help--Pamela Francis (Subverter 
> of all copyrighting...)
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>> Hello everyone,
>> This is not related to LD!
>> Is there someone in the group who has acces to
>> "JSTOR"?
>> I would be gratefull if someone can help me obtain
>> acces to some articles!
>> Thanks in advance and best wishes.
>> Marc
>> slighcl wrote:
>>> Dear David:
>>> Grand idea about the flier with bibliography and quotes.  Of course,
>>> intimate, enthusiastic conversations between friend and friend and
>>> between lover and lover will always bring in more readers of Durrell.
>>> Here is another update about the Whitely oil titled Justine, soon up for
>>> auction.  That painting is really making news.  I post it again in
>>> reference to our current questions and answers about how Durrell's name
>>> survives posthumously.  A million dollar sale for a work of art named
>>> for a Durrell work is not unimportant in the scheme of things.  With the
>>> numerous articles published in the Australian and Art World press,
>>> Durrell and Justine have now been noted in print perhaps more all at
>>> once than any time since their original appearance.  Perhaps
>>> somewhere--on a bus, in a pub, or outside the auction house--someone
>>> will be saying to herself, hmm, Justine?  Didn't my mate from university
>>> talk up that book?  I just may have to take a look.
>>> What can you tell us about this "celebrated Australian artist," David?
>>> Has he ever talked about Durrell as a source of inspiration?
>>> Charles
>>> ***
>> http://www.designtaxi.com/news.jsp?id=10099&monthview=0&month=7&year=2007
>>> Held on Tuesday, 7 August at 6pm, Melbourne
>>> The Bonhams & Goodman Fine Art auction on Tuesday 7 August will be the
>>> most significant sale conducted by the company in Australia. It recently
>>> announced the consignment of an iconic nude by the celebrated Australian
>>> artist Brett Whiteley with pre-sale estimates of $1.4mil-1.8mil as well
>>> as an impressive work by Sir Arthur Streeton with an auction estimate of
>>> $400,000-500,000. Also included in the auction is a particularly
>>> important self portrait by James Gleeson and three major works by Albert
>>> Tucker, widely considered to be the fastest appreciating artist in the
>>> current Australian market.
>>> The Whiteley oil titled Justine depicts the artist's wife, Wendy,
>>> sun-baking on Sydney's Bondi Beach reading the novel, Justine by the
>>> modernist writer Lawrence Durrell. The painting was exhibited at the
>>> Whiteley Studio, the museum established in Surrey Hills, Sydney to mark
>>> the life and work of the artist until it (the picture) was sold
>>> privately by the Whiteley estate in 2004.
>>> This important painting is appearing at auction for the first time
>>> having been consigned by a private Sydney collector. Justine is expected
>>> to break the auction record for a painting in this genre by Whiteley or
>>> by any other Australian artist. National Head of Art at Bonhams &
>>> Goodman, Geoffrey Smith said, "The Whiteley is an icon of 20th Century
>>> Australian art and we are delighted to have been appointed to conduct
>>> the sale."
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