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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 12:57:23 PDT 2008

Hello Lois,

The list always welcomes participation, regardless of background.  I 
must admit though, we've only had comments from you in which you accuse 
people of being "snide," "perverse," "mean-spirited," or "silly."  While 
spirited discussions are welcome as well, you've not added actual 
content to these remarks that gives people something to discuss further 
-- why not give an example of what you mean, a reference to a point in a 
text, a poem, a letter, or so forth, so that there's a basis for further 
discussion.  Mutually tossing adjectives or names about just leads to 
short conversations.

In other words, intellectual stimulation is welcome, and I hope the list 
can offer that to you.  I'd also encourage you to contribute to that 
activity, otherwise it's not likely anyone will respond.  As Richard's 
last posting indicates, at least he's making contributions by writing 
books -- he and Haag disagree with each other, sometimes very strongly 
indeed, but they've also made the point of travelling to meet each 
other, they read and quote each other, and generally disagree in ways 
that contribute to each other's work.  I like to think that I disagree 
with (and am disagreeable to) others in a similar way, such that they 
can use and benefit from how they differ from me.

In that spirit, perhaps you could tell us more about how you read 
Porter's article in the /TLS/ from your perspective?  Is that the kind 
of view of Durrell that made you keen to join this list, or has Porter 
suggested an interpretation with which you disagree or that compels you 
to see things differently?


Lois Rees wrote:
> I'm a housewife, and I joined this list for some intellectual 
> stimulation, but all you have to offer are snide remarks.
> - Lois
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>     Dear Lois Rees, I read your last 2 books with enormous interest and intellectual
>     stimulation and am looking forward greatly to their sequel. When can we expect
>     it, and from what press? Sincerely, Richard Pine

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