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csligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Fri Sep 5 13:00:42 PDT 2008

Thanks to all for posting with different views on the new Folio 
_Justine_.   Its appearance is an event worth attending.  And Durrell 
would not mind the merchandising at all, I think.  Roofs and plumbing 
tend to go out and cost us money, here in Tennessee and there in 
Sommières.   Long may the old fellow--or at least his 

I have always thought that the bibliographic form of _Justine_ is 
essential to the experience of understanding and enjoying _Justine_.   
The book is more than written words.  I can mark out how my reading of 
_Justine_ in the Faber 1957 printing distinguishes itself.  With its 
distinctive, diamond-cut, kite-flying and scimitar-curved Centaur 
typeface, the 1957 setting still remains for me the dominant and 
(personally) preferred manner for reading the book.  I am always thrown 
back into nostalgia when I try to read _Justine_ collected within the 
1962 omnibus.  I miss the Centaur type, and I miss the enforced jumps 
back and forth between _Justine_ and her sibling volumes.   One should 
really have to labor a bit when cross-referencing.

That said, I know that Bill has a lasting fondness for his old 
paper-covered editions. . . .

So what I would like to ask:  Could any of you lucky folk share the 
particulars of your impression of reading _Justine_ in the Folio 
printing?  What does this 2008 printing bring to the surface? 

For the record:  I have always disliked the production of the signed 
Franklin Mint printings.  I am away from my books--still in boxes after 
the move--but if I recall accurately the divisions between the episodes 
of the novel (******) were left out.  Those stars or asterisks seem so 
intrinsic to me, especially since Durrell used them to divide moments 
jotted and drafted into his notebooks and typescripts.   To have them 
replicated in the production is part of the Quartet's special magic.  In 
my fancy it makes me feel as if I had Darley's--or Durrell's--notebooks 
through which to puzzle.

I will be waiting to hear more news--


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