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Hi all -

I have read the letter Richard Pine refers to.  It has been available on the internet since yesterday.  I do not think that the TLS has perversely chosen to publish a long and 'heavy-handed' letter when there was an equally worthy and even shorter alternative from Richard Pine.  The TLS prints the best, and I think this letter is very interesting and very good.  Here is the link:



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The TLS inform me that they are printing a lengthy and (dare I say it?)
heavy-handed letter from Michael Haag in reply to Peter Porter's intro to
the AQ, so that my much shorter letter has been withheld.
----- "James Gifford" <odos.fanourios at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've already renewed my subscription and have ordered /Justine/ (with
> a 
> free set of Graves' /Greek Myths/ and a very cheap set of Gibbons). 
> Once it arrives, we'll see if I can use the next 3 volumes as my books
> for this year...  If not, Greene looks very appealing.
> Folio tends to produce material that it sees as commercially viable to
> a 
> particular class of buyers, and including Durrell there is a boon. 
> They 
> may not be scholarly editions, but they're the first step toward them,
> and it speaks to a continuing readership.  I wonder if Porter has 
> written an introduction to each volume.
> Now, let's see who gets a copy first!  Bill, will you tell us how it 
> looks and what edition they've used when yours comes in?
> Best,
> Jamie
> Charles Sligh wrote:
> > See and read about the new volume here, Jamie.
> > 
> > http://www.foliosociety.com/book/JST/justine
> > 
> > And here below I will copy the text of the description.
> > 
> > You will not find the hands in the design of the covers. Instead
> there is a photo-montage of old Alex pics.
> > 
> > CLS
> > 
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