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I just ordered it and had to join....

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I agree
Have we ascertained that the Folio Soc will sell individual copies to purchasers without having to subscribe, which I assume would cost more?
Any views yet on Deborah Lawrenson's book? It's a good 'airport' book which requires little attention but plays fast and loose with Durrell's biography; I guess it captures well his footloose relationships with women after Claude's death [ guess because I don't know and our priniple interest is in the outcome in Durrell's writing ]; it will appeal particularly to those who know Kalami but those who find the shrine a place of enchantment will be horrified that it is the setting for an unnatural death.
Peter Baldwin


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The Folio Soc informs me that Justine is in print and ready for ordering. I think it would be a good idea if all good Durrellians bit the bullet and bought a copy. If the Soc doesn't do well with Justine, they might very well cancel the other three -- which would be a shame -- I think. 

And as Charlie reminded us, it would not be politic to insult Peter Porter by pointing out his mistakes. It's too late for him to correct them. Instead, rally round, as Bertie always said. 


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