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Count me in Bill!  Knowing the Folio Society, it will be a lovely 
edition, and it's one I've been hoping they'd do for years.  I wonder if 
they've retained those marvellous hands from the first Faber editions. 
I wonder too about what text they've used, since Folio typically used 
pre-existing plates rather than setting their own editions.  I got the 
Proust set last year as my annual gift for renewing my membership, and 
it's quite attractive -- they brought out /My Family and Other Animals/ 
a year or two ago as well.

As for Porter, I still like the introduction, and slips of those kinds 
are the hardest to get at since they're in print everywhere!  I think he 
can hardly be faulted for relying on what's already on paper...  Much 
like his introduction to the recent Faber edition of LD's poetry, he's a 
keen reader with a quick intuition of the /Quartet's/ shape and form. 
He also seems particularly good at stirring up interest and worthwhile 


william godshalk wrote:
> The Folio Soc informs me that /Justine/ is in print and ready for 
> ordering. I think it would be a good idea if all good Durrellians bit 
> the bullet and bought a copy. If the Soc doesn't do well with /Justine, 
> /they might very well cancel the other three -- which would be a shame 
> -- I think.
> And as Charlie reminded us, it would not be politic to insult Peter 
> Porter by pointing out his mistakes. It's too late for him to correct 
> them. Instead, rally round, as Bertie always said.
> Bill
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