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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 21:50:13 PDT 2008

Hi Bill,

> Don't keep us in suspense. What errors did you find?

The most obvious one is the statement that /The Black Book/ was his
first work of fiction -- alas, the preceding page of the TLS reviews my
editions of the two novels immediately prior to /The Black Book/...  Oh,
the difference a day makes!

I like Porter's introduction now that I've read it through a couple of
times, and I suspect he's been in touch with Michael Haag or has at
least gone through his Alexandria book closely -- there are some good
things pointed out that I know Haag has been working on.  Like his
introduction to his selected edition of Durrell's poetry, Porter is a
very sensitive reader of LD.  I think there's much here to attune new
readers to the idiosyncratic nature of LD's works and the importance of
the /Quartet/.

The bit on Miller's libertarian philosophy also bears expansion, and I
must admit my great surprise (and pleasure) to see it mentioned.  I
thought the Miller-Read letters were the first thing to put Durrell into
that context, and that's only 8 months ago!

Also, I can't read the review at the moment to check, but did Porter say
that Justine is a prisoner in Palestine at the end of the /Quartet/?  If
so, I'm curious how far the borders were expanded...  All the way to
Alexandria?  Then again, maybe that's my error!

The timeline also seems a bit confused with regard to Durrell's time on
Cyprus, but that's due to vagueness rather than factual error, and I
should think that's part & parcel of writing a general introduction for
a commercial book.

Brewster, what were your thoughts?  Other errors ought to be pointed
out, even if only as a matter of record.  I'm pretty well certain the
whole edition is already printed and changes would be impossible, but
like everything, repeated errors like the /Black Book/ one are hard to
correct since they keep popping up again and again.


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