[ilds] CFP: Lawrence Durrell: Reviewing the Durrell Canon

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 12:42:42 PDT 2008

Lawrence Durrell: Reviewing the Durrell Canon

The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900

Louisville, KY   |   19-21 February

The International Lawrence Durrell Society will sponsor a panel at 
Louisville addressing all aspects of Lawrence Durrell's body of work. We 
are particularly interested in papers which investigate Durrell's lesser 
known and read works and their place in the Durrell canon, as well as 
their place in the larger canon of literature in English. For instance, 
how does his poetry respond better-known "schools" of poetry such as the 
Auden school, etc.? Does The Avignon Quintet belong in the canon of 
postmodern literature? What is the relationship between Durrell's 
nonfiction (e.g., A Smile in the Mind's Eye) and his fiction? How has LD 
influenced the genre of travel writing?

As part of a series of panels aimed at sponsoring inter-society 
discussion, this panel also welcomes papers that relate Durrell's oeuvre 
to the work of others of his milieu; furthermore, the "milieu" itself 
may be addressed, e.g., how can Durrell's work help us defineÑor 
complicateÑa term such as "late modernism?"

Please send a 1 page abstract to Pamela Francis, International Lawrence 
Durrell Society, (pfrancis at rice.edu) by Sept. 12, 2008. Final 
presentations should be limited to 20 minutes.

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