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Hello William,

I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but I can throw a few other 
things into the pot -- perhaps others can say more.

Durrell did lecture on Joyce during his trip to California, and "anna 
livia plurabelle" was a part of that lecture.  Moreover, for /Finnegans 
Wake/, Miller was very nasty about Joyce in his book on Lawrence 
(published in 1980, I believe, but written during his years in Paris), 
yet there's an entire paragraph of /Finnegans Wake/ in Miller's /Tropic 
of Cancer/, lifted verbatim.  It's a particularly odd passage, so it's 
impossible Miller did it accidentally, nor does it come across as a 
'good' moment so it seems unlikely to have been taken because Miller 
thought it a very fine passage -- it looks much more like a veiled 
allusion, but I must admit I don't know how it functions.

Durrell, in contrast, liked Joyce more than Miller claims to have.  Note 
that /Pied Piper of Lovers/ moves to a letter by the protagonist rather 
than the bildungsroman 3rd person narrator (much like /Portrait of the 
Artist as a Young Man/) and that /Clea/ ends with the same words 
/Portrait/ opens with, "Once upon a time..."  There's more as well. 
Durrell certainly read, admired, and alluded to Joyce regularly.

You might want to take a look at just the "Anna Livia Purabelle" moment 
in /Wake/, and it is available separately since Joyce first published it 
on its own.


William Apt wrote:
> In REFLECTIONS ON A MARINE VENUS, on page 70, I believe, Durrell 
> describes a church service on Patmos as culminating in a "anna livia 
> plurabelle" moment.  I am unable to determine what he means.  The only 
> reference I can locate is that Anna Livia Plurabelle is a character in 
> FINNEGAN'S WAKE.   I don't feel guilty not having read FINNEGAN'S WAKE, 
> though, as I once read Henry Miller quoted as saying that only scholars 
> can get through it...  So, perhaps one of you scholars can help me!
> Austin, Texas
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