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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 07:30:56 PDT 2008

Hello Marc,

We are indeed, as someone wrote in one of the Heralds many years ago, an 
odd Heraldic band -- I recall our disagreement, but all I have from you 
is a 4 page sheet on the Villa Ambron consisting mainly of 5 pictures. 
The copies I left on the information table in Victoria were pinched in 
short order.

Why not post the materials here.  If you're still actively interested in 
this project, I'm sure you can make something of it.


Marc Piel wrote:
> Hello,
> What a strange debate, but also perhaps a strange
> list!!!
> I joined this list just over two years ago when
> Anna Lillios was moderator. Soon after I asked her
> if it would be possible to have a proposal
> presented to the upcoming conference in Vancouver;
> she said yes and I sent it to her in a format that
> could be presented directly.
> Let me explain again that I am not an academic
> person, just a slightly intelectual layman who had
> the pleasure of being introduced to the AQ in the
> 1960's. I've reread it at least five times and had
> always had a deep desire to go to Alexandria.
> Early 2006 my desire became a reality. It wasn't
> easy to plan the trip as not even a street map of
> Alex was available, so I drew my own.
> My proposal was to write a little book entitled
> "Walking in Alexandria with Lawrence Durrrell and
> the AQ..." I also suggested a petition to attempt
> to save the Ambron Villa that was then squatted
> and falling to pieces. I had found and
> photographed almost all the places in the AQ and
> in LD's life there.
> Then Anna was not able to go to the conference so
> she passed on my correcpondance and her acceptance
> to a Jamie Gifford. James replied that he had
> nothing and I sent him dozens of eMails, but to
> little avail... even though he had everything, no
> presentation was ever made. My suggestion vanished
> into thin air... that was the end of the road...
> Thank you James.
> It seemed obvious to me that I did not belong to
> this "clique" (perhaps a more appropriate word
> than "list"). The only persons I have had fair
> exchanges with were Charles Sligh and David Green.
> After all the bickering and wanking I had seen on
> the posts (I once called this "intellectual poverty"
> rather than property) I had no motivation to attend
> the Paris meeting and nobody tried to look me up
> (I live in Paris as everyone knows).
> A strange debate indeed, but no doubt a strange
> list also!!!
> Why am I prompted to to say all this today???
> C'est la vie je suppose!!! And I still have all
> the material for my presentation if anyone is
> interested. It is far richer than that offered by
> the British Council for the celebration earlier
> this year.
> Salutations sincères,
> Marc Piel
> Anna Lillios a écrit :
>> Hi everyone,
>>      Responding to James's post, I must say that being a moderator of a list can be enormously nerve-wracking.  I was the sole editor of the Durrell list for many years prior to the transition to the current setup.  I admit that I was more stringent about postings than James, Charles, and Bill are.  I did, in fact, allow 99.9% of all postings to go through unhindered, but there were a few, which I can count on one hand, that were ad hominem attacks on other people that I held up.  Generally, I would communicate behind the scenes with the parties involved and try to reach a resolution.  I totally believe in free speech but I was also trying to preserve group morale, which is a very tricky business.
>>      I want to commend not only the current list moderators but also the contributors for making such great postings.  I'm amazed at the time and effort people put into their thoughts in order to communicate to the rest of us.  I confess that I've been a bit of a slacker these last two years, due to the fact that I have devoted all of my time to my two sons who are graduating from high school and off to college in the next month.  But I have read all of the postings with much interest and often admiration for the ideas that were being expressed.  Long live the Durrell list!
>>                                                                                                     --Anna
>> Dr. Anna Lillios
>> Associate Professor of English
>> Department of English
>> University of Central Florida
>> P.O. Box 161346
>> Orlando, Florida 32816-1346
>> Phone: (407) 823-5161
>> FAX: (407) 823-6582
>>>>> James Gifford <odos.fanourios at gmail.com> 07/25/08 1:15 PM >>>
>> Bruce,
>> The listserv is hardly the place for this discussion, but for the sake 
>> of clarity for everyone, some direct response to your embarrassing 
>> posting is necessary -- for those who are not interested, I suggest 
>> skipping the message now.
>>  > Either Dr. Durrell can post to the ILDS
>>  > and get responses or he cannot post.
>> This is entirely his decision, Bruce, as I have explained to you 
>> thoroughly in the past.  There is no "policy" on this matter and no 
>> privileges are being denied him.  Anthony Durrell refuses to accept 
>> messages from the list because he refuses to be a member.  You are 
>> already fully aware of this, so I can only regard your message as 
>> disingenuous and an attempt to deceive others.  He *can* post and 
>> receive responses; he *chooses* not to.
>> Anyone can join at any time without any moderator permissions needed. 
>> Anthony Durrell has been invited, and he refuses.  That is entirely his 
>> own decision, and the "half-baked" comments come purely from you and 
>> from him.  It is highly abnormal to post to a list for which one is not 
>> a member, and it is entirely reasonable to remind list members that any 
>> responses they post to the list will not be sent to someone who prefers 
>> not to subscribe.
>> Anthony has been denied *no* privileges whatsoever.  He also contends 
>> that we have banned him and harassed him, all of which is demonstrably 
>> false and exists only in his own mind.  No one has ever been banned or 
>> removed from this list, nor do we ever want that to happen -- to 
>> emphasize the point, he refuses to join and then says he's been banned. 
>>   This sense of persecution has no relationship with reality, nor do 
>> your comments.
>> Bruce, I am very disappointed by your dishonest representation of 
>> circumstances you know to be false.  This is indeed "capricious" as you 
>> say, and I had hoped you would demonstrate at least a modicum of 
>> appropriate and honest behaviour.
>> Most importantly, this topic has nothing to do with the list, and it 
>> will not be entertained further.  While all of us believe in the 
>> principles of open dialogue and unrestrained debate, I will not permit 
>> you to distribute information you know to be untrue without a rebuttal.
>> My apologies to all the list members for taking up your time with this 
>> -- hopefully this topic will not resurface, and we can return to some 
>> fruitful and productive discussion.
>> Regards,
>> James
>> Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> I don't understand this policy.  It seems to me capricious, punitive,  
>>> and half-baked.  Either Dr. Durrell can post to the ILDS and get  
>>> responses or he cannot post.  I'm in favor of granting him full  
>>> privileges.  Whether or not he chooses to join the List makes no  
>>> differences to me.  Dr. Anthony Durrell is a breath of fresh air in an  
>>> academic atmosphere that has become rather stale.
>>> Bruce
>>> On Jul 25, 2008, at 9:01 AM, James Gifford wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> I, again, post Anthony Durrell's comments to the list, though I'll
>>>> remind everyone that he prefers not to join the list, so he won't see
>>>> any responses you post here.  Should you want to send comments to him,
>>>> please write to him directly.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> James
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