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These are lovely editions, James! Congratulations on a job well done! 

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> Hello all,
> I'm very pleased to announce the re-publication of Lawrence Durrell's 
> first two novels, /Pied Piper of Lovers/ and /Panic Spring/, both of 
> which have been out of print for over seventy years.  We announced these 
> at On Miracle Ground XV in Paris, and they're now available for order:
> http://www.elseditions.com/current.html#PP
> The publisher, ELS Editions, is currently offering free shipping 
> throughout North America and Europe for those who order both books -- 
> I've attached their brochure and order form.  Simply cross out the 
> shipping section, and this will be honoured through the summer.  This 
> would be a lower price than on Amazon.  The order form on their website 
> might be easier to print:
> http://www.elseditions.com/orderform/ELS-2008-OrderForm.pdf
> Libraries can either order the books or place a standing order for 
> material in the ELS series.  Please take the time to suggest these 
> acquisitions for your local library.
> My best,
> James
> --------------------------
> /Pied Piper of Lovers/
> Durrell's first novel, /Pied Piper of Lovers/, traces Walsh Clifton's 
> Anglo-Indian childhood and his struggles to negotiate a life between 
> "mother" India and "father" England. The trauma of leaving India for an 
> alien home propels the novel's concerns with colonial life and its 
> wounds, transitioning from an idyllic rural world to London and 
> Bloomsbury in the 1920s. /Pied Piper of Lovers/ draws keenly from 
> Durrell's own life and charts the emotional experiences that would drive 
> the rest of his career. For these reasons, Durrell never allowed 
> republication, and the novel was largely lost in the London Blitz. his 
> new edition allows readers to reevaluate Durrell's complex role as a 
> colonial writer in a postcolonial world by emphasizing his irony, 
> privileges, and bitterness for a life always lived in-between.
> "In many ways reminiscent of Woolf's uneven but fascinating /The Voyage 
> Out/, Durrell's first novel -- seeing the light of day for the first 
> time in 78 years -- is an autobiographical Bildungsroman that takes a 
> transnational 'voyage in,' opening a window onto the writer honing his 
> craft while tackling themes that recur throughout his career: the 
> ambivalences of colonial politics; the collision of national identities; 
> the existential homelessness of the modern exile; the psychosexual 
> turbulences of maturation. Readers interested in modernism, scholars of 
> postcoloniality, and gender critics alike will welcomem the opportunity 
> to reappraise Durrell's literary development in light of this hitherto 
> unavailable text."
>            -- Joseph A. Boone, University of Southern California
> "/Pied Piper of Lovers/ is a revealing and fascinating work. As well as 
> touching on many of the real circumstances of Lawrence Durrell’s 
> youthful life, it introduces in nascent form themes, techniques and 
> characters that Durrell will develop in his later novels."
>            -- Michael Haag, author of /Alexandria: City of Memory/
> /Panic Spring/
> First published in 1937, two years after Durrell took up residence on 
> the Greek island Kerkyra, /Panic Spring/ breaks with the realist
> tradition in 1930s novels and shows the young author's first attempts to
> extend High Modernist innovations in rural and personal landscapes.
> Unavailable for seven decades, this new edition of /Panic Spring/ shows
> Durrell's emerging passion for Mediterranean life and the Greek world as
> well as his first attempts to articulate a political-aesthetic direction
> distinct from his peers, George Orwell and W.H. Auden. Under the shadow
> of financial and political ruin, on the verge of revolution and war, the
> one chance summer depicted in /Panic Spring/ will make readers
> reconsider the impetus and interests behind Durrell's late modernist
> masterpieces, /The Alexandria Quartet/, /The Black Book/, and
> /Prospero's Cell/.
> "The republication of /Panic Spring/ in this fine, annotated and 
> commented edition will [allow it to] find its place within the literary 
> and cultural history of the first half of the twentieth century as an 
> important missing link, accentuating the continuity of Durrell's 
> aesthetic and ideological development as a writer and as an influential 
> cultural figure between the wars and beyond."
>            -- Stefan Herbrechter Leeds Trinity and All Saints, UK &
>               Universität Heidelberg, Germany
> "/Panic Spring/ -- with its minimalist plot, discontinuous narrative
> within which each major character has a chapter, and spatial (cubistic)
> rather than linear structure -- both seeks a serious engagement with
> Durrell's modernist predecessors (Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner,
> among others) and demonstrates the validity of Henry Miller's
> observation that places have affected Durrell 'as much or more than
> people.'... This new scholarly edition provides a welcome opportunity to
> take the full measure of Durrellean beginnings."
>            -- Alan Warren Friedman, Thaman Professor of English
>            and Comparative Literature, University of Texas at Austin

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