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Grove Koger's latest column in the ILDS Herald cites a Guardian Unlimited article which claims that Fermor finally learned to type, in an effort to speed up the the completion of the trilogy. I don't know if his new skill has in fact helped. Anyone else with updates?

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No one seems to know if Durrell's friend Patrick Leigh Fermor will be publishing the final volume of his European trilogy because of his advanced age.  Do you know anything?


If Fermor is too elderly to finish the book, a good idea might be to publish that portion he has actually put in final form as part I, with part II being his journal of the journey, edited. 


Something has to be published!


William Apt

Austin, Texas

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> Hello all,
> I'm very pleased to announce the re-publication of Lawrence Durrell's 
> first two novels, /Pied Piper of Lovers/ and /Panic Spring/, both of 
> which have been out of print for over seventy years. We announced these 
> at On Miracle Ground XV in Paris, and they're now available for order:
> http://www.elseditions.com/current.html#PP
> The publisher, ELS Editions, is currently offering free shipping 
> throughout North America and Europe for those who order both books -- 
> I've attached their brochure and order form. Simply cross out the 
> shipping section, and this will be honoured through the summer. This 
> would be a lower price than on Amazon. The order form on their website 
> might be easier to print:
> http://www.elseditions.com/orderform/ELS-2008-OrderForm.pdf
> Libraries can either order the books or place a standing order for 
> material in the ELS series. Please take the time to suggest these 
> acquisitions for your local library.
> My best,
> James
> --------------------------
> /Pied Piper of Lovers/
> Durrell's first novel, /Pied Piper of Lovers/, traces Walsh Clifton's 
> Anglo-Indian childhood and his struggles to negotiate a life between 
> "mother" India and "father" England. The trauma of leaving India for an 
> alien home propels the novel's concerns with colonial life and its 
> wounds, transitioning from an idyllic rural world to London and 
> Bloomsbury in the 1920s. /Pied Piper of Lovers/ draws keenly from 
> Durrell's own life and charts the emotional experiences that would drive 
> the rest of his career. For these reasons, Durrell never allowed 
> republication, and the novel was largely lost in the London Blitz. his 
> new edition allows readers to reevaluate Durrell's complex role as a 
> colonial writer in a postcolonial world by emphasizing his irony, 
> privileges, and bitterness for a life always lived in-between.
> "In many ways reminiscent of Woolf's uneven but fascinating /The Voyage 
> Out/, Durrell's first novel -- seeing the light of day for the first 
> time in 78 years -- is an autobiographical Bildungsroman that takes a 
> transnational 'voyage in,' opening a window onto the writer honing his 
> craft while tackling themes that recur throughout his career: the 
> ambivalences of colonial politics; the collision of national identities; 
> the existential homelessness of the modern exile; the psychosexual 
> turbulences of maturation. Readers interested in modernism, scholars of 
> postcoloniality, and gender critics alike will welcomem the opportunity 
> to reappraise Durrell's literary development in light of this hitherto 
> unavailable text."
> -- Joseph A. Boone, University of Southern California
> "/Pied Piper of Lovers/ is a revealing and fascinating work. As well as 
> touching on many of the real circumstances of Lawrence Durrell’s 
> youthful life, it introduces in nascent form themes, techniques and 
> characters that Durrell will develop in his later novels."
> -- Michael Haag, author of /Alexandria: City of Memory/
> /Panic Spring/
> First published in 1937, two years after Durrell took up residence on 
> the Greek island Kerkyra, /Panic Spring/ breaks with the realist
> tradition in 1930s novels and shows the young author's first attempts to
> extend High Modernist innovations in rural and personal landscapes.
> Unavailable for seven decades, this new edition of /Panic Spring/ shows
> Durrell's emerging passion for Mediterranean life and the Greek world as
> well as his first attempts to articulate a political-aesthetic direction
> distinct from his peers, George Orwell and W.H. Auden. Under the shadow
> of financial and political ruin, on the verge of revolution and war, the
> one chance summer depicted in /Panic Spring/ will make readers
> reconsider the impetus and interests behind Durrell's late modernist
> masterpieces, /The Alexandria Quartet/, /The Black Book/, and
> /Prospero's Cell/.
> "The republication of /Panic Spring/ in this fine, annotated and 
> commented edition will [allow it to] find its place within the literary 
> and cultural history of the first half of the twentieth century as an 
> important missing link, accentuating the continuity of Durrell's 
> aesthetic and ideological development as a writer and as an influential 
> cultural figure between the wars and beyond."
> -- Stefan Herbrechter Leeds Trinity and All Saints, UK &
> Universität Heidelberg, Germany
> "/Panic Spring/ -- with its minimalist plot, discontinuous narrative
> within which each major character has a chapter, and spatial (cubistic)
> rather than linear structure -- both seeks a serious engagement with
> Durrell's modernist predecessors (Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner,
> among others) and demonstrates the validity of Henry Miller's
> observation that places have affected Durrell 'as much or more than
> people.'... This new scholarly edition provides a welcome opportunity to
> take the full measure of Durrellean beginnings."
> -- Alan Warren Friedman, Thaman Professor of English
> and Comparative Literature, University of Texas at Austin

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