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Thanks, James.  Good analysis.
> Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 21:49:31 -0600> From: odos.fanourios at gmail.com> To: ilds at lists.uvic.ca> Subject: Re: [ilds] QUESTION> > Hi William,> > My hunch is that the citation is being used by Lithgow to refer to the > lush nature of Corfu in comparison to the other Ionian island and the > Greek islands in general (perhaps). For Durrell quoting Lithgow, I'm > almost certain it's referring to his desire to cast Corfu as an isle of > legend: Odysseus' island, Prospero's island, etc... Durrell makes much > of that poetic history and also of the lushness of the island's greenery > (and Lithgow does follow along for the latter). The location of this > bit right after the references to Homer & Odysseus on p. 64 mark it off > for that intention. I think Durrell simply found a convenient way of > casting Corfu as one of many other places we're less certain of, so he > ran with it. I would guess that Lithgow is erroneous, but it's still a > lovely moment in a work of fiction.> > I'd be inclined to read the Latin translation as Ovid (though I can't > find Ovid actually saying this anywhere...) asking himself why he is > recounting Alconoe's beautiful island or beautiful poetic terrain when > the fruits of that island (or poetic body of works) are so rich that > they double over on themselves.> > I may, however, be right out on that, but without going to Lithgow and > checking the Latin and spending some time hunting, that would be my > first inclination.> > Anyone else? Charles? Bruce? Bill?> > Best,> James> > William Apt wrote:> > James:> > > > Yes. That's the passage. Specifically, the couplet:> > > > "Why blaze I forth Alconoe's fertile soil> > And trees, from whence, at all times they fruit recoyle?"> > > > I just can't make sense of it. And it doesn't help that I don't know > > Latin. But I believe you are correct: the dated spelling is one clue: > > "they" is likely "thy"; "recoyle" is likely "recoil". > > > > At best, the couplet seems to say: "Why do I cross this rich forested > > land whose fruits evade me?" > > > > WILLIAM APT> > Austin, Texas > _______________________________________________> ILDS mailing list> ILDS at lists.uvic.ca> https://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/ilds
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