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On 5/9/2008 11:23 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> I'm surprised at you, Bill.  Horace's poetic monument is built by words/tongues.
I had read Bill's note as saying just that.  But maybe I am missing it.

Jamie and Bruce are hard on the traces of Durrell's thoughts and, we 
might even say, intentions.  The old fellow is up for it, I bet. 

Jamie, I wonder what the poem-as-process might tell us?  I mean, what 
can you tell me about the typescript with holograph emendations at McMaster?


I do not know that McMaster typescript.  If we are intent upon trying to 
look over Durrell's shoulder as he writes, what would we find there in 
Durrell's second thoughts and regrets?

I will note that the /Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in 
English /closes its entry on Durrell with the following:
> Perhaps Durrell's greatest gift is his celebration of the antinomy of 
> past and present, of classical persistence and contemporary emotion.  
> For this reason, "On First Looking into Loeb's Horace" may be 
> considered his most characteristic poem.  He finds a copy of the Loeb 
> crib of Horace's poetry annotated by a former lover's hand, and the 
> poem is both a sympathetic analysis of the Roman poet's life, and a 
> lament for vanished love and the Mediterranean civilization that 
> nurtured it.  (141)
That is Peter Porter--previously noted by Bruce.

Good luck with this splendid poem.  I will check in from the Carolina coast.


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