[ilds] ILDS Digest, Vol 14, Issue 7

Alejandro Adams hungerist at hotmail.com
Wed May 7 23:42:43 PDT 2008

I hear and respect the competing valences of censure.  As noted, I have 
nothing to offer on the subject of Durrell and--I'll do you one better--only 
a dilettante's passing familiarity with names such as Agee, Auden, Mencken, 
etc.--a handful of anecdotes which keep my perspiration in check at certain 
kinds of parties.  Ilyas is right that I benefit by subscribing to this 
list, but do others benefit from my subscription?  Touche.

> We seem ready to talk and talk and talk when the topic is a post by Bill
> Godshalk set out in plain, cogent, telegraphic terms.
> Surely, it seems, this Bill Godshalk fellow, a man who actually sat
> across a table and drank with Lawrence Durrell "in life"--surely Bill
> Godshalk is heretical for setting out in simple terms the historical
> fact of Durrell's continued absence and persistent unavailability?
> Surely we should stop our ears and insist that, no no, it cannot be so
> when he tells us that yes--truthfully--once Lawrence Durrell or
> Pursewarden or Prince Hamlet have gone into the undiscovered country,
> then we the survivors are indeed thrown back upon our own imaginative
> resources--left with ideas of Lawrence Durrell which might be based upon
> letters printed upon a page, ideas of Lawrence Durrell which might be
> drawn from a dwindling and imperfect fund of human memory, gossip,
> hearsay.

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