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On 5/7/2008 6:46 PM, william godshalk wrote:
> What is that netted moonshine? Is the moonshine a trap, a net?  
I liked that phrase, which can hold its own either as a descriptive 
image or as figurative expression.  

If "netted moonshine" is a description of something seen or something 
recollected, you could imagine an image of moonlight cast through 
netting, checkering the wall.  (N.B.: The poem is pre-Corfu, apparently.)

If "netted moonshine" is entirely figurative, then the hopeless task of 
catching the moon's pale, reflected light would mirror the poet's later 
frustrations over his inability to "fix" or "net" the moment in a web of 

>         14        I cannot fix the moment[. . . .]
>         11        Sure that I've tried and tried,
>         12        Leading my ink across this acreage
>         13        Of vacant pages.
>         14        I can glean nothing from the scars of heart.
>         15        Always the finer fabric of the sense protests:
>         16        'Let there be no more songs
>         17        Lest an obscuring music's overtone
>         18        Disperse the purer meaning of the words.' 


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