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On 5/7/2008 2:07 PM, slighcl wrote:
>>>           Lost, *you *may not smile upon *me *now:
>>> 2          You, nor *that grey-eyed counterpart* of you
>>> 3          Inhabiting the sunlight in still places:
>>> 4          Substant always in the netted moonshine.
I trace out at least three presences here:

        1) the speaker;

        2) the absent beloved;

        3) the "counterpart," which I take to be an echo-figure of the
        beloved as she persists in the speaker's memory.

And there are contrary states of being--some things are "substant," 
other things are "lost."

It is curious that the "counterpart" has, in its turn, a counterpart--an 
echo of its echo--which I take to be the "Love Poem" itself:

> 11        No. I'll not devise such nothings:
> 12        Not countenance dissection with my pen:
> 13        Make an essay on torment when
> 14        Ink is for fixing fables.
> 15           O! can *anything*
> 16        *Engendered of the mind* be more than this:
> 17        A hazard flight on an imperfect wing?
> 18        The motion of the muscle in a kiss;
> 19        Features aligned for laughter; can the mind
> 20        Transliterate such metamorphosis
> 21        Evoking thence
> 22        More than a leaning pothook for a sense?
> 23        Words? They are not large enough.
> 24        The sense is never minion to the word.

I do not know and cannot say if the phrase "engendered of the mind" 
connects with your observation about 'grey-eyed' Athena, who had her own 
moment of Parthenogenesis.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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