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Charles, what's the source for the essay, "The Windmill?"  Do you have a citation?


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>>While at the library the other night I thought again of what you said 
>>about the poet Lawrence Durrell and the poet John Keats, Bruce, and I 
>>thank you for drawing my thoughts toward those two. In his essay in /The 
>>Windmill /from the 1940s Durrell writes the following:

>>> "Each great man builds a cocoon out his work which finally swallows 
>>> not only his life but also his death.  Could Homer be anything but 
>>> delighted to see Schliemann dig up his Iliad bodily out of the 
>>> ground?  I have hunted through every museum in Greece looking for 
>>> Keats' Grecian Urn."
>>By the way, in this same essay, Durrell--or whichever persona utters 
>>these gnomic "Significant Data"-like fragments--recalls another persona 
>>("V.") as saying "All poetry partakes of the epitaph."  Mighty food for 
>>thought in that line.
>>Does anyone know if "V." refers to a particular or to an imagined someone?
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