[ilds] Author v. Reader

Alejandro Adams hungerist at hotmail.com
Sat May 3 21:32:01 PDT 2008

Every contribution to this list is a brick in the altar to one of the gods 
of world literature (and merely to subscribe to this list is to meditate 
before that altar).  To place one of these bricks while insisting that one 
is not, in fact, a worshipper seems a quibbling, untenable rejection of the 
primal urge to worship--or, more neutrally, to follow a leader--or, more 
neutrally still, to recognize and honor a standard, to say one thing is 
better than the rest.

We fear the unspoken accusations of elitism because they are accurate. 
There is no way to proletarianize Durrell, I fear.  When they come for the 
decadent elite, we will be the first to face the wall.

As a Mr. Godshalk attempts to suffocate our deity, a Mr. Redwine rushes to 
revive him.  Given the playfully tenuous relationship of the academy to 
reality, metaphorical murder--death by interpretation--should qualify as a 
graver, more heinous act than the taking of an actual human life ("human" 
and "life" are precisely the sort of terms which stimulate our 
deconstructionlust!).  Thus this happy practice of god-killing baffles me 
more than do all the other badges of dubious honor which gleam in the dim 
hallways of our universities.

However...I am unable to deduce the of the nuances of Mr. Godshalk's 
reasoning from his terse, smug, pungently elitist assertions.  He does not 
deign to reveal the the scaffolding and wet paint which surely are required, 
in his profession, between such formidable lines.  We may forego footnotes 
in such a refreshingly casual forum, but let's not forego ideas altogether.

Duly insulted on behalf of the casual reader,
Alejandro Adams

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