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Well said, David.


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>sun, water, beauty, wine, and the magical words that make those things so.  That's what first drew me to him, but that's not what now interests me about the man.  I find the "dark crystal" image at the beginning and end of Prospero's Cell paradigmatic.
>You hit. Isn't the Greek world (any world) of brilliant light and the inner darkness, the dark labyrinth, as it were, what draws us to Durrell. The man behind the words as I mentioned. We are all, to some extent, there. LD just does it so well. I have my own dark labyrinths, but  wine, sun, women, sea breezes and that strange space between heaven and earth that I can see as I sit on the garden wall as the evening sky grows dim, glass of wine in hand, will keep me going 'till they get out pine box. LD writes this contrast very well; the bright exterior, including his own personality, the dark interior; ours and his.
>Today, as I drove home from work, Sydney harbour held the deep blue of winter and the sun, shining from a low angle laid a golden glow on the buildings tall - and last night six people died on Sydney harbour when a big fishing trawler smashed into a pleasure launch off Bradley's Head.
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