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but I hadn't realized that the contributions were to be an exercise in carefully combing through the minutiae of every word.  This isn't a criticism, rather an observation.  I wouldn't be up to the standards necessary to engage in your literary forum, and I guess by now you are all relieved to know that.  - Carrie

Carrie, this particular list is open to all LD fans, whether through the literary appreciation of his work - even down to the last minutae of every word, or those, like me, who simply enjoy his writing and the sub text of the scallywag writer behind them. I often feel that LD should be made an honourary Australian - for his drinking ability, his sense of humour, his pragmatism in many areas and his sense of not quite being deemed proper by the Brits - as many colonials feel even though we have the same or more often better acheivements. Durrell was a rascal, a likeable rogue, a spinmeister, a sometimes charletan, a womaniser..... so what!. what I like is the guy behind the writing. when I read LD I sometimes feel that I become the author. I could drinks jugs of vino in Clito's Cave (and have), no probs. There are many parts of the life he painted at Bellapaix on Cyprus that I could just lap up. For some of us  LD is not just a writer, but a man we connect to; an intellect and a lifeforce!

As for the painting side of his life - tell us more! I, for one am intrigued by the French Fart, Oscar Epfs.

I am really delighted that, as one who knew Larry, you feel that he would have connected with some of my thoughts - because I have always felt connected to a lot of his, as he wrote them, especially in the island books and in other places like his poems.

..and as someone who has done freelance writing, well, sometimes stories do have to be hacked out like splinters from a log.

Hope you write more...

David Green

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