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Yes, Ilyas, I once had the distinct pleasure of looking over that 
amazing document.  And now I imagine that this poem by Williams might 
find a home some place close to Nancy's copy of /The Black Book/ TS.

Every collection of books and manuscripts might also include the books 
and manuscripts that have been written about those books and 
manuscripts. . . .



On 4/30/2008 12:26 PM, Ilyas wrote:
> Charles, as you know, I have the distinct pleasure of owning THE 
> typescript of the Black Book. I think you saw it when you were in 
> London last year.
>     Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller
>     I like those who like you and dislike
>     nothing that imitates you, I like
>     particularly that Black Book with its
>     red sporran by the Englishman that does you
>     so much honor. I think we should
>     all be praising you, you are a very good
>     influence.

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