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Charles, as you know, I have the distinct pleasure of owning THE typescript
of the Black Book. I think you saw it when you were in London last year.

On 30/04/2008 17:21, "slighcl" <slighcl at wfu.edu> wrote:

> William Carlos Williams
> [from The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams Volume II 1939-1962
> (1986)]
> What should I say of Henry Miller:
> a fantastic true-story of Dijon remembered,
> black palaces, warted, on streets
> of three levels, tilted, winding through
> the full moon and out and
> down again, worn-casts of men: Chambertin---
> This for a head
> The feet riding a ferry
> waiting under the river side by side
> and between. No body. The feet
> dogging the head, the head bombing the feet
> while food drops into and
> through the severed gullet, makes clouds
> and women gabbling and smoking, throwing
> lighted butts on carpets in department stores,
> sweating and going to it like men
> Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller
> I like those who like you and dislike
> nothing that imitates you, I like
> particularly that Black Book with its
> red sporran by the Englishman that does you
> so much honor. I think we should
> all be praising you, you are a very good
> influence.

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