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William Carlos Williams
[from /The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams/ Volume II 
1939-1962 (1986)]

What should I say of Henry Miller:
a fantastic true-story of Dijon remembered,
black palaces, warted, on streets
of three levels, tilted, winding through
the full moon and out and
down again, worn-casts of men: Chambertin---
This for a head

The feet riding a ferry
waiting under the river side by side
and between. No body. The feet
dogging the head, the head bombing the feet
while food drops into and
through the severed gullet, makes clouds
and women gabbling and smoking, throwing
lighted butts on carpets in department stores,
sweating and going to it like men

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller
I like those who like you and dislike
nothing that imitates you, I like
particularly that Black Book with its
red sporran by the Englishman that does you
so much honor. I think we should
all be praising you, you are a very good

Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
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