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Paul Muldoon
[excerpted from /Mules /(1977)]


At last, someone had heard tell of Larry Durrell.
We leaned round headland after headland
When there it was, his Snow-White Villa.
Wasn't it dazzling?
                             Well, it was rather white.
The orange and lemon groves, the olives,
Are wicked for this purity of light.
In a while now we will go ashore, to Mouse Island.

The light is failing. Our mouths are numb with aniseed,
Her little breasts are sour as Jeanne Duval's.
And darknesses weigh down further the burgeoning trees
Where she kneels in her skimpy dress
To gather armful after armful.
Nuzzling the deep blues, the purples. Spitting the stars.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
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