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Given my sense that we are groping along in a blind fog, trying locate 
and glimpse some 'Durrell as he really was,' I will make a few posts in 
the cause of recalling the very different ways other poets have 
recollected Lawrence Durrell. 

Durrell would have said it, and did say it, I think, via Pursewarden:  
Durrell is our Yorick, and his books are the teasing skull left for us 
to flesh out with with memory and passions and desires and doubts.

I hope that the list enjoys this little anthology of Durrelliana, and I 
look forward to reading your responses.



Fraser, G. S.
Monologue for a Cairo Evening
[excerpted from /Poems of G. S. Fraser/ (1981) -- I have taken this from 
the LION database and have tried to clean up the errors]
(To John Waller)

Cario was full of characters. I shall
Remember Larry stocky against a bar,
The round face and the tartan scarf, looking
Like a jovial commercial traveller,

Talking like the occasional angel who descends
By the ladder of alcohol to the banal rocks
Of the wars we do not start: and cannot justify
But how the psyche cushions all its shocks,

Benign euphoria above the glasses,
A whiff of whiskey and a melody,
Vanishing up into another country:
O, what rough beast crawls to the Embassy?

Leaving a plot for a story: leaving a shocker
To sell for sixpence at the chemist's stores,
Describing six neuroses at six a penny
Seeking in one labyrinth six minotaurs ...

The flowers that grew out of my brandy-glass
Were all a gully-gully trick. The faces
That looked at me with sideways sliding eyes
The bar's perspective kept within their places.

Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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