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Carrie, you are not the only "non academic". Trust me, there are quite a few
of us out there, and I echo James' comments about your not having made a
mistake. I can also attest to the fact that I have raised a number of
distinctively unacademic topics on the list, and they have all elicted a
robust and embracing response.

On 30/04/2008 15:31, "James Gifford" <odos.fanourios at gmail.com> wrote:

> Welcome, Carrie, and please don't think you've made a mistake!  We're
> glad to host any kind of discussion, and while a goodly portion of the
> list is made up of academics, there's certainly no monopoly on
> discussion topics or interests.
> As for Mr. Epfs, he is a topic of conversation too long neglected...  I
> have two of his images sitting over my home desk at the moment, and
> there are a few more to put up some time, but I'm afraid I don't have
> anything original, nor do I have very much.  Still, they seem to be very
> much a collaboration with the more famous writer, cut from the same
> cloth.  (I have an image of a veiled woman who is perhaps shopping, but
> with coloured bars crossing the canvas, but interlaced with the figure,
> to me always suggesting that there's another wall between the observer
> and observed -- the other image repeats the trick but with a town, which
> I imagine to be Cypriot, but I can't say for certain).
> Although it's not penned by Mr. Epfs, there's a particularly good essay
> at the beginning of /The Paintings of Henry Miller/, which I've always
> turned to for guidance on Durrell's visual work.  I believe it's
> forthcoming in the Delos Press's /From the Elephant's Back/ as well.
> Many thanks for your interesting posting.  Please keep them coming!
> Best,
> James
> Carrie wrote:
>> I recently joined the ILDS mailing list, and immediately realized I had
>> made a mistake, not being a scholarly sort myself.  I am drowning in all
>> that I read, trying to find the Lawrence Durrell I knew for 25 years.  I
>> had, in the first instance, been hoping to know more about Larry's work
>> of course, but I hadn't realized that the contributions were to be an
>> exercise in carefully combing through the minutiae of every word.  This
>> isn't a criticism, rather an observation.  I wouldn't be up to the
>> standards necessary to engage in your literary forum, and I guess by now
>> you are all relieved to know that.
>> However, I would like to say that David Green's contribution is one ILDS
>> mailing list offering that I feel Larry would have enjoyed.  I think
>> Larry would say that David Green has hit the nail on its head.  Larry
>> was not Gerry, he did like a simple life, complete with the few luxuries
>> he enjoyed.  I'm not being hard on Gerry, but he did not embrace the
>> simple life, anything but.
>> My connection with Larry is my mother, Shirley, who married Larry's good
>> friend, and archivist, my stepfather Alan Thomas.  It was through my
>> mother and Alan that I got to know and spend time with Larry.  It was an
>> uncomplicated relationship, which set it apart from most of Larry's
>> relationships, especially with women.  Larry, as DG suggests, loved
>> women, but I think it's fair to say he was hard on them, with few
>> exceptions.  Claude was Larry's soul mate, had she not died prematurely
>> they would almost certainly have stayed together.  Larry would
>> appreciate DG's apt perception, though he might not entirely agree.
>> I also wondered what, if anything, any of you thought of Larry's
>> artwork.  I refer to his paintings and drawings, which were exhibited
>> under his pseudonym Oscar Epps.  Larry loved to paint, and I was
>> concerned when presenting the L Durrell archives to the British Library
>> that they were surprised to receive Larry's paintings, having not
>> realized that he was an artist as well as an author.  I felt quite sad
>> after handing the portfolio over wondering how these paintings would be
>> treated in terms of access by interested readers/scholars.  I felt there
>> was a lack of interest to the extent that their disinterest was
>> apparent.  Quite sad really!
>> Carrie
>> On 29 Apr 2008, at 07:57, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>>> Charles is being very kind when he says Durrell had an "eloquent gift
>>> for elaboration."  Not for nothing did he make a very good press
>>> officer, a spinmeister.
>>> It says on the back of my Durrell Biography that "wine and sun
>>> inspired him" - and perhaps women too, amonst other interests. Writing
>>> may have served these interests, rather than the other way around, in
>>> which case elaborating and spinning out a theme over 4 volumes instead
>>> of one pays for a lot of drinks, time in the sun and holidays with
>>> convivial wenches - as well as more erudite activities. I have come
>>> across several references in Durrell's own words to his pragmatism
>>> towards his writing. Durrell was raised as a colonial gentlemen. To
>>> live even vaguely like that - and we know that on one level Durrell
>>> embraced the 'simple life' - one needs money!
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