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Charles is being very kind when he says Durrell had an "eloquent gift for elaboration."  Not for nothing did he make a very good press officer, a spinmeister.

It says on the back of my Durrell Biography that "wine and sun inspired him" - and perhaps women too, amonst other interests. Writing may have served these interests, rather than the other way around, in which case elaborating and spinning out a theme over 4 volumes instead of one pays for a lot of drinks, time in the sun and holidays with convivial wenches - as well as more erudite activities. I have come across several references in Durrell's own words to his pragmatism towards his writing. Durrell was raised as a colonial gentlemen. To live even vaguely like that - and we know that on one level Durrell embraced the 'simple life' - one needs money!


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