[ilds] [ILDS] CFP for MSA X in Nashville - 13-16 Nov 2008

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 06:36:52 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I should have added, this would be in the Modernist Studies 
Association's conference in Nashville, 13-16 November 2008.  We had a 
number of Durrell scholars turn out last year for a seminar, which I 
think was a great success, and I'd enjoy seeing more again this year. 
If you're interested in coming but are not interested in this panel, 
take a look at some of the others:


The seminars will be posted soon too, and they are on a first come first 
served basis for registrants.


James Gifford wrote:
> "Networks of Late Modernism"
> Despite attempts to revisit our critical canons, the thirties remain the 
> Auden Generation, as charted by Bergonzi, Hynes, and Cunningham. Yet, 
> other groups and other movements have been repeatedly proposed to 
> broaden this perspective, ranging from the notion of Late Modernism, the 
> New Apocalypse, the Neo-Romantics, and so forth.  This panel seeks to 
> contextualize such debates through the literary and artistic networks of 
> the 1930s and the decade after the war, including how they developed 
> both from and beside their high modernist forebears.  Proposals are 
> particularly welcome on the artists whose careers were launched on the 
> cusp of the war or in its aftermath, in many cases protracting their 
> development or stifling recognition of vital and active international 
> movements.
> Potential topics might include but are not limited to
> - poets of the New Apocalypse
> - English Surrealism & the London Exhibition
> - Late Modernism
> - The Freedom Press & Anarchist networks
> - Theatre of the Absurd
> - The Villa Seurat, Circle, and the Black Mountain poets
> - Scandinavian Modernisms
> - Mediterranean Modernisms
> - the Cairo Poets of WWII (and North Africa)
> - "Where are the War Poets?": WWII
> - the Scottish Renaissance
> - Poetry London and Fitrovia
> - the Freedom Defence Committee
> Global, international, or inter-cultural approaches to artistic networks 
> are particularly encouraged, although networks or movements centred on 
> individuals, specific locations, and events are also welcome.
> Please send a short abstract (maximum one page, double spaced) and brief 
> scholarly biography (2-3 sentences) to James Gifford (gifford at uvic.ca) 
> by 5 May 2008.

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