[ilds] CFP for MSA X in Nashville - 13-16 Nov 2008

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 19:14:21 PDT 2008

"Networks of Late Modernism"

Despite attempts to revisit our critical canons, the thirties remain the 
Auden Generation, as charted by Bergonzi, Hynes, and Cunningham. Yet, 
other groups and other movements have been repeatedly proposed to 
broaden this perspective, ranging from the notion of Late Modernism, the 
New Apocalypse, the Neo-Romantics, and so forth.  This panel seeks to 
contextualize such debates through the literary and artistic networks of 
the 1930s and the decade after the war, including how they developed 
both from and beside their high modernist forebears.  Proposals are 
particularly welcome on the artists whose careers were launched on the 
cusp of the war or in its aftermath, in many cases protracting their 
development or stifling recognition of vital and active international 

Potential topics might include but are not limited to

- poets of the New Apocalypse
- English Surrealism & the London Exhibition
- Late Modernism
- The Freedom Press & Anarchist networks
- Theatre of the Absurd
- The Villa Seurat, Circle, and the Black Mountain poets
- Scandinavian Modernisms
- Mediterranean Modernisms
- the Cairo Poets of WWII (and North Africa)
- "Where are the War Poets?": WWII
- the Scottish Renaissance
- Poetry London and Fitrovia
- the Freedom Defence Committee

Global, international, or inter-cultural approaches to artistic networks 
are particularly encouraged, although networks or movements centred on 
individuals, specific locations, and events are also welcome.

Please send a short abstract (maximum one page, double spaced) and brief 
scholarly biography (2-3 sentences) to James Gifford (gifford at uvic.ca) 
by 5 May 2008.

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