[ilds] One-Volume Alexandria Quartet

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 08:18:02 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I don't want to intrude on this dialogue, but it's worth pointing out 
for the list that Anthony Durrell (no relation) from Australia has never 
been a member of the ILDS, nor would he be "ejected" if he signed up. 
Likewise, for the curious, he's chosen not to subscribe to this 
listserv, so he doesn't receive any emails unless he chooses to peruse 
the public archives -- again, he's welcome to sign up, and we continue 
to post the messages he sends us in the interest of being open, but he's 
chosen to have this as a monologue rather than a dialogue.  An odd 
practise for a therapist...  We may ask how this form of talk plays out 
in Durrell's talk therapy in /Justine/.  Humm.

As for the vulnerable truth seekers who become attached the fetish of 
particular books and particular editions (and particular copies), long 
may they thrive.  Zizek, who has great fun with commodity fetishism, 
still has his favourite socks, and I have my favourite books.  May truth 
seekers always be vulnerable, though I must admit that my particular 
hunt is for complexity.


durrell at bigpond.com wrote:
> Dear Bruce....good to hear you again.... alas my past
 > attempts to invite ilds members into e-discussions of
 > LD's idiosyncratic and intense affective writing style
 > have been blocked in parallel to my unceremonious ilds
 > eviction....nevertheless it is noteworhty that LD
 > certainly creates vigorous attachment behaviour in his
 > literary disciples and understandably this is
 > proportional to his evocative prose which foams with
 > catalytic emotional potency that inevitably inoculates
 > the limbic loops of the recipient mind....in short
 > vulnerable truth seeking readers are prone to forms of
 > emotional dependency and attachment behaviour if too
 > many of LD's books are digested.
> I am delighted to hear you may be heading over to
 > Australia as key note speaker for the inaugural meeting
 > of the Australian Durrell Society in november08 perhaps
 > we can explore the subjective emotive experiences of LD
 > readers during this ADS meeting....best wishes DrD

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