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I guess we were all younger then
My first was Tunc - which I had bound up as a hard back, keeping the Faber cover
Later got LD to sign it...
However, the book I would rescue in a fire [ after wife and children, assuming I am helping them and not the other way round ] is my hardback of the 1980 Collected Poems, with a couple of photos of LD slipped in, ariel view postcard of Kouloura, Kalami and Agni bays slipped in.
We are such stuff as our books are made of! - and our own underlinings give us away
peter baldwin > Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 20:45:29 -0400> To: ilds at lists.uvic.ca> From: godshawl at email.uc.edu> Subject: Re: [ilds] Great Alexandria Quartet for Sale> > The truth to tell, I already have these four volumes, underlined and > annotated by me, in 1961.> > Why do I buy even more?> > Bill> > At 06:51 PM 4/24/2008, you wrote:> >william godshalk wrote:> > > Yes, but, still, and at the same time, these books remind me of the> > > first time I read /Justine -- /and couldn't wait to finish the Quartet.> > > I did place a bid -- for nostalgia's sake. Nothin wrong with a little> > > nostalgia, I say.> > >> >I agree with Bill. Those volumes provoke nostalgia with a sharpness> >only appropriate to books where memory is so important. I first read a> >university friend's copies of the Quartet in hard cover. Then I bought> >my own copies in these same paperback editions. I still remember> >vividly the sight, touch, and texture of those volumes as I read and> >re-read them on the bus to my summer job and later on the subway to my> >night job. (And envying a co-worker who had been to Paris the previous> >summer and brought back the Olympia Black Book.) I have a lot of> >memories associated with my early reading of the Quartet. I'll spare> >you, though.> >> >As for bidding on these volumes, I was lucky enough to find similar> >copies of all but Mountolive the last time I was in New York City. The> >Strand Book Store had them on one of the bargain bins at a quarter each.> >> >Philip Walsh> >Ottawa, Canada> >> >> >> >> >_______________________________________________> >ILDS mailing list> >ILDS at lists.uvic.ca> >https://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/ilds> > ***************************************> W. L. Godshalk *> Department of English *> University of Cincinnati Stellar disorder *> Cincinnati OH 45221-0069 *> 513-281-5927> ***************************************> > > _______________________________________________> ILDS mailing list> ILDS at lists.uvic.ca> https://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/ilds
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