[ilds] Great Alexandria Quartet for Sale

Philip Walsh bf779 at freenet.carleton.ca
Thu Apr 24 15:51:33 PDT 2008

william godshalk wrote:
> Yes, but, still, and at the same time, these books remind me of the 
> first time I read /Justine -- /and couldn't wait to finish the Quartet.
> I did place a bid -- for nostalgia's sake. Nothin wrong with a little 
> nostalgia, I say.
I agree with Bill.  Those volumes provoke nostalgia with a sharpness  
only appropriate to books where memory is so important.  I first read a 
university friend's copies of the Quartet in hard cover.  Then I bought 
my own copies in these same paperback editions.  I still remember 
vividly the sight, touch, and texture of those volumes as I read and 
re-read them on the bus to my summer job and later on the subway to my 
night job.  (And envying a co-worker who had been to Paris the previous 
summer and brought back the Olympia Black Book.)  I have a lot of 
memories associated with my early reading of the Quartet.  I'll spare 
you, though.

As for bidding on these volumes, I was lucky enough to find similar 
copies of all but Mountolive the last time I was in New York City.  The 
Strand Book Store had them on one of the bargain bins at a quarter each.

Philip Walsh
Ottawa, Canada


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