[ilds] Truth and the ILDS

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This is indeed an interesting article, and I'm curious how you'd comment 
on this.  For instance, what do you mean in your subject line?

Also, while I must admit I'm not troubled by James Frey, the other 
instances here are quite disturbing.  Did Durrell engage in anything 
akin to this in scope and manipulative vice in his non-fiction books 
(which are admittedly largely fictional)?  I think the comparison may be 
a misnomer, but I don't know it's purpose.

Moreover, is there a difference between Misha Levy Defonseca's tall 
tales and those of Henry Miller or Anais Nin in their purportedly 
autobiographical writings (which we also know are largely faked)?  I 
think there's a highly significant difference, but I'm curious how you 
interpret this scene.  Also, what Durrell texts (or ILDS incidents??) 
are you referring to?  I sense you have something fairly complex to 
articulate, and I'd like to invite you to do so -- it might prove very 


Lois Rees wrote:

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> March 9, 2008
> Op-Ed Contributor
>   Stolen Suffering
> ON a March day four years ago, a very old lady, striking, snowy-haired, 
> unsmiling, was looking at me with disgust. A Polish Jew who had survived 
> the Holocaust, she’d been telling me how she and her young son had 
> managed to keep a step ahead of the people who were hunting them down, 
> and at the end of this stupefying tale of survival I’d looked up at her 
> and said, “What an amazing story!” It was at that point that she flapped 
> her spotted hand at me in disdain. “‘Amazing story,’” she mimicked me, 
> tartly. She fetched a heavy sigh. “If you didn’t have an amazing story, 
> you didn’t survive.”

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> Daniel Mendelsohn, the author of “The Lost: A Search for Six of Six 
> Million,” is a professor of humanities at Bard College.
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