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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 22:45:22 PST 2008

Hey Bill,

I recall Richard Pine telling me about a paper you gave in Avignon on 
Durrell's appeal to friends like Patrick Kinross for info on 
Constantinople (a city with which he was unfamiliar), 'as it were.'  I 
know Richard added to this in his most recent edition of /The Mindscape/ 
(p. 320) where he notes that Old D. marked 129 pages in his copy of 
George Young's 1926 book /Constantinople/.  I wonder what's to be found 
in there.

And of course there's his grilling of Austen Harrison for architectural 
accuracy when plotting 'Placebo'.  Richard has also commented to me on 
LD having a notebook with jottings headed 'Might come in usefuls'?  I've 
not seen that, but I trust Richard's memory -- have you been through that?

And lest anyone think I try to cover things up, it's worth noting that 
LD took the title for /Monsieur; or The Prince of Darkness/ from Serge 
Hutin's /Les Gnostiques/.  That's actually one of the reasons I find it 
so interesting...  I saw that by going through the ms., the book, the 
proofs, and the marginalia in LD's library (I read things online too...).

As for Wikipedia, I hear that Stephen Colbert has saved the Elephants, 
or at least Wikipedia tells me so...  And exactly what is the "thing in 
itself" of a Wikipedia entry?  There's so much wikitruth out there that 
I don't know what to do.  Yet, I like these entries:

   -- and --

However, I suspect the citations are problematic.

I wonder too about the "thing in itself" for Fitzgerald's famously 
problematic "This Side of Paradise."  How do we read the story 
Fitzgerald didn't write and that exists by a printer's error?  Better 
still, what is that story?  I can hold the book, but it's certainly not 
Fitzgerald's.  Is it a fetish?  Why then Ile fit you...


william godshalk wrote:
> I was thinking of Kant. And, yes, I many times do not check 
> citations, and when I do, I often find that they are wrong for one 
> reason or another.
> Bill

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