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I was thinking of Kant. And, yes, I many times do not check 
citations, and when I do, I often find that they are wrong for one 
reason or another.


At 08:45 PM 3/8/2008, you wrote:
>Bill, in the context of the original email exchanges, dealing with 
>my abbreviated citation to Sophie Atkinson's An Artist in Corfu 
>[1911], which I called "the thing itself" and which you chose to 
>transpose into Heidgegger's "das Ding an sich" (or whoever the 
>German philosopher was that coined the phrase) -- in that context 
>your comment is a very big quibble.  I now hold Sophie's book in 
>hand, and it is indeed a thing in itself, which is beautifully 
>"Written and Pictured by Sophie Atkinson" (the words on her title 
>page), with her prose and paintings, and which Lawrence Durrell 
>unfortunately did not respect when he plagiarized some of her 
>material.  True, there's no copyright indicated in her book, but 
>that was common in those days (I have many books in my library 
>printed in London during the early 20th century, and they also do 
>not have a copyright notice).  Nevertheless, I'm told on good 
>authority that she was still protected under British copyright laws, 
>and Durrell surely !
>  knew that fact but probably chose her book because he knew few 
> people would have access to it (which is not my observation on LD's 
> intentions -- a similar comment, if I'm not mistaken, you yourself, 
> Bill, made once on the list).
>Now, when you read a footnote and see a short citation, which is now 
>being encouraged in journals these days, do you normally question 
>the author about his book and ask if it's a MS, first draft, first 
>printing, or whatever?  Do you mentally do all the things that are 
>being done in the Victorian section you quote below.  I think 
>not.  I think you wouldn't quibble, that is, you'd probably accept 
>the citation as a reference to a published book and go on to more 
>important questions, such as why Durrell chose to plagiarize Sophie 
>Atkinson's work.
>By the way, anyone who wants to learn more about Ms. Sophie Atkinson 
>can go to the Wikipedia and find an excellent short biography about 
>her.  She led a remarkable life of travel, writing, and 
>painting.  The biography was written by Michael Haag, who, I think, 
>left the ILDS for personal reasons which I am beginning to share.
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> >You're quibbling, Bill. By this standard, scholarship would never 
> get done, but then maybe that'swhat textual scholarship is all 
> about, for some, endless corrections andemendations.
> >I pass on this Call for Papers which shows, I think, the 
> complexities --some of them -- of print publication. Manuscript and 
> oral publication areeven more problematic. And, of course, 
> scholarship never does "getdone." Something always remains to 
> question and explore andunderstand. We are scholar 
> adventurers.  Richard Altick, we salutethee. Vale atque vale.
> >
> >
> >Victorian Authors, Readers, and Publishers. This session will 
> examinethe relationships between Victorian authors, readers, and 
> publishers withan emphasis on the business of literature. How do 
> authors view themselvesas both artists and workers? How do readers 
> evaluate literature as bothculture and commodity? How do publishers 
> serve as mediators betweenauthors and readers? How does the 
> production of books affect authors,readers, publishers, and their 
> relationships? Proposed papers may dealwith the history of the 
> book, the book as a material object, bookproduction and sales, 
> advertising, reader responses, author studies, orother related 
> topics. Please send abstract and CV to Troy J. Bassett,Indiana 
> University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, bassettt at ipfw.edu, byApril 11, 2008.
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