[ilds] Sophie Atkinson

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 19:12:18 PST 2008

Bruce, you've slipped it again -- your *pleasure* was obscene (or so it 
seemed, though perhaps you know not seems).

I have no comment on your scholarship, and I don't think I'd tie 
something as pleasurable as obscenity to it if I decided there was 
something to comment on.  Still, if you ever get around to doing an 
actual analysis rather than citing things we've already heard, I'm keen 
to see it.  You might even say I've asked for it...  It's helpful when 
one follows the other.

As for some genuinely pleasurable obscenity, perhaps we should add 
Wilde's role in /The Black Book/ to our chat.  I see borrowings from 
"Prufrock" all over that book, and evidently Old Tom looked on it 
approvingly, though he may have been into the ether that night.  From 
what I've seen, Miller was convinced that the Eliot fragments were 
tributes to himself.

I'm still chuckling over "Old Fruit"...  In good fun, I'm still allowing 
you to pick my moniker, but time's running out.


ps: I don't think our exchange is leading into dialogue.  Take a shot at 
me (a free one!), and let's call it a night.  I do, however, remain keen 
on hearing your response to any of my questions.

Bruce Redwine wrote:
> James:
> I don't know how you do scholarship, but I dig up original texts
 > and cite from them, which is what I previously provided re Ms.
 > Atkinson.  If that is obscene, then so be it.
> Bruce

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