[ilds] The Lost Art of Lying

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Wilde is playing off the first sense of lying, namely, misrepresentation of fact and applying that to fiction.  But there is another sense, known to all, of deliberate deception, for which we have such things as copyright laws.  Durrell uses the first sense admirably but misuses the second.


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>Sometime back we were discussing how 'true' some of Durrell's book were.
>Both Baudelaire and Wilde were influences on LD. Here is Wilde, paraphased
>The Ancient Historians used to give us delightful fiction in the form of fact, but the modern novelist is presenting us with dull facts under the guise of fiction. Promising young writers with a natural gift for exaggeration are developing a morbid and unhealthy habit of truth - telling and are ending up writing novels that are so lifelike that no one could possibly believe in them.. I make a plea for a return to the art of telling beautiful and untrue things, that noble and lost art of lying.
>For me, the strange, magical, timeless quality of much of Durrell's work stems from some application of this approach
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