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In the USA the real age of proletarian literature was the 1930s, viz.  
Michael Gold and other CP-oriented writers, Henry Roth, some of Steinbeck, Hem's  To 
Have and Have Not, Dos Passos' USA, James T. Farrell's Studs Lonigan trilogy  
and Danny O'Neill tetrology, Odet's play Waiting for Lefty, Richard Wright's  
Native Son, and the like.  Durrell's style is definitely not a contemporary  
one, alas.
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Lawrence Durrell's writing is slightly out of  fashion just now, his style 
too beautiful for contemporary  tastes.

Indeed. The age of monosyllabic prol writing is upon us. Much  as I like most 
of Tim Winton's work, it is self consciously 'working  class'.

Durrell wrote in an age before the proletarian scholars and the  kind of 
modern writing that eschews classical learning and scholarship and  prefers 'plain 
English' to latinate modes of expression and in which words of  one syllable 
appear very frequently; the impact of journalese is very  evident.

Thanks Charles for keeping the list going during thje bleak  northern winter. 
We, for our part are having heat, rain and humidity; wettest  summer for 
about twenty years.


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